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Ventilating Pleated Air Filters

Ventilating Pleated Air Filters Description Feature: High Efficiency Low resistance Light weight Long service time.

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Ventilating Mini-pleated Air Filters

Ventilating Mini-pleated Air Filters Feature: 1,High efficiency2,low resistance3,light weight,easily installation4,Large capacity holding.

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Mini-pleated HEPA filter

Mini-pleated HEPA filter Mini-pleated HEPA filter Feature: 1, Low pressure Drop 2, Thin Thickness, light weight 69mm,90mm, 110mm are available 3, High Efficiency 4, Low operating cost 5, Tested precisely one by one 0.1-0.5um , MPPS Efficiency 99.99% 6,Technology in patent to assure the high dust arrestance and low resistance, reg…

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Synthetic Pocket Filter

Synthetic Pocket Filter Synthetic Pocket Filter APPLICATION: These synthetic pocket filter are used in both commercial and industrial applications and others such as hospitals , schools and public buildings and general air conditioning plants or installed in gas turbine intake equipments for a longer service life . Pocket filter is also used as a …

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Air Filter

Air Filter Description 1.通过滤网经AV-990杀菌整理,开机一小时后既可将室内空气中的各种细菌杀除90%以上;2.HEPA高效过滤器能够有效去除空气中小至0.3微米的悬浮颗粒物、香烟烟雾和病菌病毒;3.冷触媒的催化作用分解甲醛等气体和杀灭大肠杆菌、金黄葡萄球菌;4.360°环形进出风设计,确保室内空间任何位置的空气质量迅速改善;5.高校催化活性碳过滤层能够吸附分解空气中有害气…

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