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HEPA filter box

HEPA filter box Description 1、Unique design,stable airflow;2、Simple construction,filter replace easily,the best choice for CR.Termination;3、Well-looked appreance ,Outer surface painted with plastic static electrically。 Technical Parameter Specification SizeL×W×Hmm Efficency Filter sizemm Ratedairflowm3/h Pipe link sizeC×Dmm R…


Integrated HEPA Supply Unit

Integrated HEPA Supply Unit Description   Consist of HEPA Filter and low-pressure cabinet, The filter efficiency is over 99.99% for particles ≥ 0.3 micron and the cabinet is made by high-quality galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel or stainless steel plate with fireproof and insulating layer outside. Adopting folding chip without partitions or repla…



HEPA Filter BOX Description 1、采用日本最新技术设计,使风流分布更加合理均匀;2、箱体结构简单,高效过滤器更换方便,是洁净室终端净化设备最好选择;3、外表不锈钢,美观大方。 Technical Parameter ModelNo.   OuterSize L×W×Hmm Filter Efficency FilterSizemm Rated AirFlow m3/h Blastpipe SizeA×Bmm Tube diameterC×Dmm SuspenderDistance E×Fmm Box Material …