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FFU(Fan Filter Units)

FFU Fan Filter Unit(FFU) Fan Filter Unit(FFU) is air cleaner equipment to purify air in the clean room for manufacturing semiconductor , liquid crystal, etc. The installation space is the system ceiling grid. For a large clean room, the number of required FFU is from several hundreds to several thousands. Feature: 1. To reduce operating cost by…


Stainless steel FFU(fan filter unit)

Stainless steel FFU(fan filter unit) Description FFU层流送风单元可模块化连接使用,使得FFU广泛应用于洁净室、洁净工作台、洁净生产线、组装式洁净室和层流罩等应用场合。风机从FFU顶部将空气吸入,经高效过滤器过滤,过滤后的洁净空气在整个出风面以0.45m/s±20%的风速匀速送出。 Feature: 风机采用直驱式高效离心风机,具有长寿命、低噪声 、免维护、震动小、可无级调…