Standard Pass Box

Standard Pass Box
Standard Pass Box


Pass Box is a clean equipment that prevents the air outside from going through inside when passing goods on.

Standard Pass Box Feature

  1. Adopting stainless steel inside, the shell is premium steel plate with coating plastics;
  2. Mechanical or electronic interlock;
  3. According to the requirement of customers, we can add UV lamp.

PB:Standard Pass Box

Name Electronic interlock Pass box Mechanical interlock Pass box
Model No. PB-1 PB-2
Outer Size(L×W×H mm) 785×600×690 785×600×690
Inner Size(L×W×H mm) 600×600×600 600×600×600
Door Lock Electronically interlocked Mechanically interlocked
External Material Super fine cold rolled steel painted with plastic static light white(colors are optional)
Internal Material Stainless Steel

Customer’s sizes and specifications are welcome.