HEPA filter box

HEPA filter box
HEPA filter box


1、Unique design,stable airflow;
2、Simple construction,filter replace easily,the best choice for CR.Termination;
3、Well-looked appreance ,Outer surface painted with plastic static electrically。

Technical Parameter

Specification Size
Efficency Filter sizemm Ratedairflow
Pipe link size
Side Airflow Top Airflow
HB-484 HB-484D 554×554×540 99.95%@MPPS 484×484×220 1000 370×250 494×534
HB-610 HB-610D 680×680×520 610×610×150 1000 370×300 620×680
HB-915 HB-915D 985×680×470 915×610×150 1500 550×250 925×680
HB-1220 HB-1220D 1290×680×520 1220×610×150 2000 550×300 1210×680
HB-1135   1210×600×250 1135×535×70 1100 φ300 1160×600

Customer’s Sizes and Specifications are welcome.


* The frame is advanced baking cold rolled sheet with surface static blasting painting treatment which can guarantee the air speed avoiding eddy flow.
* Compact construction assures HEPA filter box advanced sealing performance. There are side air intake way and top air intake way available, the header is square or round.
* If the clean room designed to compact construction for the height strict, ceiling filter module is the best choose.
* Each HEPA filter box is individually tested via PSL particle, Using MPPS (DOP Test) laser particle counting device to measure overall efficiency of the filter, special requirement is available.


* HEPA filter box is designed for electron, semiconductor, optics and bio-industry which are strict with airflow.