FFU(fan filter units)

FFU(fan filter units)
FFU(fan filter units)



widely use in clean system like clean room, cleran booth,clean bench,operation room in hospital and production line,Modular cleanroom,FFUetc.the fan input air from FFU top,purifying through HEPA Filter,then then output steady air flow at 0.45m/s±20% airflow surface.


Eccentric fan

  1. Low noise, long life ,fix free, soft vibration, easy switch and durability
  2. Stable speed, even with final resistance of HEPA filter
  3. Energy saving and center controlled by computer and steady performance.
  4. Efficiency: 99.995%@MPPS
  5. Outer casing is made of galvalume,stainless steel, electrolytic sheet, galvanized sheet iron or aluminum alloy sheet, Shell material available
  6. Structure of compact, easy to install
  7. Low power consumption, Low running costs
  8. Witha high-capacity fan, in long-term use under high static pressure, but can also maintain a low noise
  9. Wide range of applications, fit variety of cleanroom from FS209DClass10,000 Class1.

Speed control for single and multiple units

Technical Parameter

Air velocity(m3/h)22001050
Air flow(m/s)0.45m/s (±20%)0.45m/s (±20%)
Class100(UL209E )100(UL209E )
Position of testing noise1m far below the filter1m far below the filter
Shell materialZn-Al coated plate/


stainless steel

Zn-Al coated plate/


stainless steel

Power Supply220v, 50Hz,220v, 50Hz,
Rated power0.25kw0.12kw

Customer’s specifications and sizes are welcome(OEM/ODM SERVICES)