Air shower Pass box

Air shower Pass box
Air shower Pass box


Controlling the ingress of particulate contamination into cleanrooms and other controlled environments is paramount in order to maintain the integrity of products and processess. Personnel traffic is the most important factor which must be controlled. Our Pass Boxes and Transfer Hatches are a cost effective solution as they allow materials to be transferred into the controlled environment without actual personnel movement. They may also be used to protect the external environment from egress of contamination.Contaminated air is then drawn through the base within the unit, filtered and recirculated.high velocity HEPA/ULPA filtered air jets with velocities of 20 m/s . 

Air Shower Pass Box Feature:

Permanently lubricated, centrifugal motor/blowers with external rotor designs. Selected for energy efficiency, compact design, and flat profile, the completely integrated blower assembly optimizes motor cooling, with unified rotating parts and overall component balance for smooth, quiet, vibration-free operation. Weight is equally distributed to all bearings to extend bearing life.

ULPA filter(s) provide 99.999% typical efficiency for particle sizes at 0.1 to 0.3 microns. The filters meet the recommended practice for HEPA performance (USA), and EN 1822 for H13 performance (EU).


Name Mechanical interlock Pass box Electronic interlock Pass box
Model No. PB-3 PB-6
Outer Size(L×W×H mm) 980×700×1800 980×700×1800
Inner Size(L×W×H mm) 660×700×600 660×700×600
Air Velocity >25m/s >25m/s
Nozzles 4pcs 4pcs
Air shower Period 15s 15s
Door Lock Mechanically interlocked Electronically interlocked
External Material Super fine cold rolled steel painted with plastic static light white(colors are optional)
Internal Material Stainless Steel
Power Supply 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ
Power 0.75KW 0.75KW